Good coaching is one of the keys to a successful ensemble. Even the world’s best quartets sometimes need a “5th ear” to help them work out issues that they’ve stopped hearing over time.

As a certified music educator, professional instrumentalist, and an active composer, I bring an approach to coaching that is a bit unusual. While I can coach any of the categories, my specialty is in the Music category (especially jazz/swing music). I know those “Music” scores can sometimes seem to be a bit of a mystery, but there’s reasons for all of it. It usually comes down to digging out to the original intent of the arrangement or composer.

I tend to focus on helping ensembles draw out all of the inherent musicality in the chart. Sometimes that means working on performance skills, sometimes tweaking the chart to better match the voices in the group. Often combinations of both, among other techniques.

Feel free to Contact Me for my availability and pricing. I look forward to working with you!

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