Custom Tracks

A learning track is a set of recordings of one person singing all the parts to a song. There will be a separate track for each part with the desired part isolated. So for example, if a baritone singer wants to learn their part, they can listen to the “Baritone” track and hear their part on its own and/or how it fits into the arrangement. This allows someone who may be a little weak at reading music to learn complicated arrangements quickly on their own without relying on a director to plunk out parts on a piano during rehearsal.

Meaning: you can spend your valuable rehearsal time on Artistry rather than individual learning!

Additionally, I go to great lengths to make sure that all the tracks demonstrate proper singing technique, good tone quality, dynamic expression and detailed musicianship, as well the correct notes and words, of course. As such, many customers continue to use the tracks as a practice tool long after the basic notes and words have been committed to memory.

Here’s a demonstration of how the tracks work:

The Price

I have almost 100 Tracks Already Recorded, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for I’m available to record custom tracks. The fee to record a custom learning track is typically $140. Unusually complicated songs, or arrangements with more than the usual 4 parts may be more. I will communicate any such exceptions ahead of time. Please Contact Me for a quote.

What I need

A PDF of legible sheet music with all of the note and/or word changes marked into the music. I’ve learned that an original copy of the music with a separate list or changes usually results in problems with the tracks an headaches for everyone involved. Please make sure any changes are marked on the music.

As much info as possible on interpretation. My goal is to make these tracks as close to your ultimate vision for the song as possible, so be sure to give me metronome markings, stylistic notes, breathing plans, etc. In the case of a ballad, it’s extremely helpful if you can send me an mp3 of someone singing the melody with your interpretation (doesn’t need to be high quality recording…just good enough for me to get the interp). Anything not specified will be recorded at my discretion, though I will try to make the most musical decisions I can.


Tracks will be digitally delivered as mp3s unless otherwise requested. Please be sure to obtain legal copies of music you intend on performing, purchase of a learning track does not substitute for paying the arranger. All mechanical licensing fees are the responsibility of the purchaser, not Wolf Studios. You can learn about mechanical licensing at Usually this approximately 9 cents per digital copy, with a minimum payment of 25 copies. These kinds of fees are how musicians like myself make a living on their work, so please take this seriously and make your learning tracks legal.

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