Mens Tracks

Song Name Arranger Play Full Mix All Tracks Contestable? Male Parts Female Parts Description Date Added
789 Steve Wolf
No 5 0 Novelty song by Barenaked Ladies. Bass solo melody. 8/15/15
Alabama Jubilee Tom Gentry
Yes 4 0 Traditional barbershop tune. 5/1/15
Bad Bad Leroy Brown Tony Nasto
Yes 4 0 Very difficult. As sung by Men In Black 7/31/13
Banana Man Steve Wolf
No 8 0 TLBB w/solo, 3 background singers + vocal percussion 7/15/11
Bein’ Green Kirk Young
No 5 0 A la Kermit the Frog. 4 parts plus soloist. Optional split bass part on last measure. 9/15/14
Birth of the Blues Roger Payne
Yes 4 0 Slow swing chart with David Wright intro. 4/4/10
California Dreamin’ Joe Johnson
No 4 0 Medium Difficulty. Great for shows. 9/1/12
Caroline Larry Cole/Wally Cluett
No 4 0 It’s the old Boston Common classic! 10/1/11
Come Fly With Me Kevin Keller
Yes 4 0 As sung by OC Times…and a million other quartets. 2/20/14
Danny Boy Ed Waesche
No 4 0 This track is some of my older work and is of lower quality than my current standards. As such it’s discounted 30% 4/6/10
Deed I Do Aaron Dale
Yes 4 0 Very difficult. Swing uptune as performed by Kentucky Vocal Union. 4/31/10
Do You Hear What I Hear Unknown
No 7 0 As Sung by Tampa Bay Chorus. 4 chorus parts with 3 soloists. 2/10/12
Everybody Loves a Hero Drayton Justus
No 4 0 Parody of Everybody Loves a Lover about being a superhero written for the Silk City Chorus. Lyrics by Steve Wolf 2/28/11
Fine Fine Line Ben Brown
Yes 4 0 From Avenue Q. Arranged for Vocal Revolution. Recorded with metronome click, can be removed if requested. 6/22/14
Georgia On My Mind Jim Clancy
Yes 4 0 Large edits to the arrangement. Entire verse (before the key change) left out by request of the customer. This eliminates the key change towards the end. Feel free to contact me for details, this track is sold as is. 9/15/12
Give Me That Smile Adam Scott
Yes 4 0 As sung by Throwback 4/15/12
Heart of My Heart Traditional
Yes 4 0 Polecat, Recorded in B 10/2/11
Hello Mary Lou David Wright
No 4 0 Easy uptune, great for Youth Quartets 10/2/11
Hush Dick Kneeland
No 4 0 Uptempo Gospel tune 10/2/11
I Don’t Know Why Webb Comfort
No 4 0 Slow Swing, non-traditional harmonies 1/12/13
I Hate to Lose You Unknown
No 4 0 Slow swing, non-traditional harmonies 3/1/14
I Shot the Sheriff Steve Wolf
No 9 0 TLBB w/solo, 3 background singers + vocal percussion. Arrangement available for $50 12/29/09
Imagination Lou Perry
No 4 0 The Boston Common classic! 3/2/10
Kentucky Babe Kirk Roose
Yes 4 0 From “Free and Easy” series. 3/25/15
Lazy Bones Webb Comfort
No 4 0 Slow swing, bass feature. Non-traditional harmonies. 3/18/12
Love Letters John Piercy
Yes 4 0 Pretty ballad 6/30/13
Lydia the Tattooed Lady Lloyd Steinkamp
No 4 0 Groucho Marx’s favorite 3/8/10
Mam’selle Tom Sando
No 4 0 As sung by Vocal Spectrum 3/1/12
Moonlight Sonata David Wright/Steve Wolf
No 5 0 Requires piano accompaniment. As sung by Ambiance, revoice for mens TLBB w/solo and piano. The solo on this recording was sung by Tony Nasto. 2/25/08
Moving Right Along/Ease on Down the Road Ben Brown
Yes 4 0 From the Muppet Movie and The Wiz. Recorded with metronome click, can be removed if requested. 6/22/14
My Girl Steve Wolf
No 4 0 Good old doo-wop standard. 7/1/14
My Way Webb Comfort
No 4 0 Sinatra standard. Bass Feature 6/30/12
Nobody Knows You Dennis Driscoll
No 4 0 Slow swing, nice short song 12/14/13
Old Man River Melvin Knight
No 5 0 Mens TLBB w/ bass solo 11/24/10
Once In Love With Amy Lou Perry
Yes 4 0 From the broadway musical “Where’s Charley?” 10/1/13
Pokemon (w/ sheet music) Steve Wolf
No 4 0 Popular Pokemon theme song. Quite difficult. Singable by 4 people. Requires one person to do vocal percussion. Purchasing this learning track includes the sheet music, no need to buy that separately when I’m the one that arranged it! 1/15/17
Rhythm Medley Webb Comfort
No 4 0 Uptempo swing, non-traditional harmonies 4/15/12
Sentimental Journey Webb Comfort
No 4 0 Med swing, non-traditional harmonies 11/1/12
Sing Sing Sing/It Don’t Mean a Thing Tony Nasto
No 4 0 Uptempo swing, arranged for Silk City Chorus 1/20/09
Smile Kevin Keller
Yes 4 0 Tom Gentry intro and tag. 1/25/12
Something Big Adam Reimnitz
Yes 4 0 Uptempo contest tune 7/31/10
Somewhere Fred King
No 4 0 With Keepsake’s tag 9/15/11
Stompin’ at the Savoy Bob O’Connell
No 4 0 Uptempo swing tune. 10/1/08
This is the Moment Fred King
No 4 0 As sung by Acoustix 8/8/11
This Little Light of Mine/Do Lord Val Hicks
No 4 0 Classic gospel tune 10/2/11
Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds Walter Latzko
No 4 0 Just like cowboys around the campfire 4/1/09
Turn Your Radio On Burt Staffen
No 4 0 Driving gospel tune 6/7/14
Tuxedo Junction Tony Nasto
No 4 0 Easy Swing, old standard favorite! 1/22/09
Uptown Funk Steve Wolf
No 4 0 Funky show tune. Singable by 4 people, with vocal percussion integrated into singing parts (mostly bass). Was written to intentionally be “stereotypically barbershop” (starts with “Hello hello hello hello, etc.). There is no written music for this arrangement. 2/15/15
What a Wonderful World Russ Foris
No 4 0 Barbershop standard 10/2/11
What No Women Parody Ed Waesche
No 4 0 Parody about a group of pirates and their run in with the IRS agent. 10/21/13
Wild and Wooly Son of the West Burt Szabo
No 4 0 Warning, this song is only for manly men. 10/15/09
You and Me (But Mostly Me) Steve Tramack
Yes 4 0 From the Tony award winning musical “Book of Mormon” 11/21/11
You’re Sixteen You’re Beautiful and You’re Mine Aaron Dale
Yes 4 0 As sung by OC Times 2/3/14
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