New Tracks

Song Name Arranger Play Full Mix All Tracks Contestable? Male Parts Female Parts Description Date Added
789 Steve Wolf
No 5 0 Novelty song by Barenaked Ladies. Bass solo melody. 8/15/15
Bein’ Green Kirk Young
No 5 0 A la Kermit the Frog. 4 parts plus soloist. Optional split bass part on last measure. 9/15/14
Bridge Over Troubled Water Kirby Shaw
No 2 3 Simon and Garfunkel classic. SSATB with accompaniment. 9/15/15
Jabberwocky Sam Pottle
No 2 3 Lewis Carrol text set to music. SSATB with accompaniment. 2/15/16
My Girl Steve Wolf
No 4 0 Good old doo-wop standard. 7/1/14
Once Upon a Time June Dale
Yes 0 4 Popular contest ballad. 1/15/15
Pokemon (w/ sheet music) Steve Wolf
No 4 0 Popular Pokemon theme song. Quite difficult. Singable by 4 people. Requires one person to do vocal percussion. Purchasing this learning track includes the sheet music, no need to buy that separately when I’m the one that arranged it! 1/15/17
Queen Medley Steve Wolf
No 0 4 Fat Bottomed Girls, Best Friend, and Somebody to Love. Arrangement available for $100. 6/1/14
The Rose Kirby Shaw
No 0 4 SSAA Concert choir standard. 2/15/16
Uptown Funk Steve Wolf
No 4 0 Funky show tune. Singable by 4 people, with vocal percussion integrated into singing parts (mostly bass). Was written to intentionally be “stereotypically barbershop” (starts with “Hello hello hello hello, etc.). There is no written music for this arrangement. 2/15/15
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