Womens Tracks

Song Name Arranger Play Full Mix All Tracks Contestable? Male Parts Female Parts Description Date Added
Africa Sandra Kerr
No 0 6 Arrangement blended with Brave New World by Michael Curran (Civilization V theme). 6 parts for most of it, with extensions out to 10 parts including breakout solos near the end. 8/11/14
All the Way Tom Gentry
Yes 0 4 As sung by Maxx Factor 4/23/11
At Last Nancy Bergman
Yes 0 4 The Etta James classic 12/1/12
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Nancy Bergman
No 0 4 Brisk swing uptune a la Andrews Sisters 1/15/13
Cheer Up Charlie Sharon Holmes
Yes 0 4 From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Recorded with Brent Graham tag. 6/5/11
Come Fly With Me Kevin Keller
Yes 0 4 As sung by OC Times, and a million other quartets. (this is a pitched up mens track) 11/10/14
Cruella De Vil David Wright
Yes 0 4 David Wrights arrangement with alterations by Steve Wolf to make it shorter for SAI contest. 9/13/11
From the Sniff Hello Lou Perry
Yes 0 4 Parody words by Steve Wolf about being a dog. 1/15/12
Goodbye Medley Mary K. Coffman
Yes 0 4 High energy contest uptune 12/1/10
Haven’t Met You Yet Aaron Dale
No 0 5 As sung by Tim Waurick, revoices for women’s TLBB w/solo 7/15/11
He Was There Nancy Bergman
Yes 0 4 Pretty contest ballad, tag arranged by Steve Wolf 8/15/13
If I Give my Heart to You Jim Clancy
Yes 0 4 Pretty contest ballad 2/7/11
Kentucky Babe Kirk Roose
Yes 0 4 From “Free and Easy” series. (this is a pitched up mens track) 3/25/15
Lets Burn Up the Town Tony Nasto
Yes 0 4 As sung by Men in Black and Westminster Chorus, revoiced for women. 8/31/12
Listen to the Music Sharon Holmes
No 0 4 Modern uptune a la Doobie Brothers 4/1/10
Moondance Marshall Webb
No 0 4 As sung by Max Q, revoiced for women. 1/2/13
Oh Look At Me Now Aaron Dale
Yes 0 4 As sung by OC Times, revoiced for women 2/25/13
Once Upon a Time June Dale
Yes 0 4 Popular contest ballad. 1/15/15
Queen Medley Steve Wolf
No 0 4 Fat Bottomed Girls, Best Friend, and Somebody to Love. Arrangement available for $100. 6/1/14
Rhapsody in Blue David Wright
No 0 4 As sung by Ambience. 9 minutes long. In the words of David Wright, “Very, very difficult – not for human beings” 11/15/12
Side by Side Lorraine Rochefort
Yes 0 4 Easy contest uptune 7/28/13
Take Me to the Land of Jazz Pete Wendling
Yes 0 4 Easy contest uptune 2/19/11
That’s Life Steve Wolf
Yes 0 4 Slow cookin’ swing. Arrangement available for $70 2/3/13
The Rose Kirby Shaw
No 0 4 SSAA Concert choir standard. 2/15/16
This is My Country Sharon Holmes
No 0 4 Nice patriotic tune 1/25/10
Time After Time Jim Arns
Yes 0 4 Sung as a swing tune rather than a ballad. 8/31/11
Wanting Memories Ysaye M Barnwell
No 0 4 Unique African style song as song by Sweet Honey in the Rock 7/9/13
You Made Me Love You Nancy Bergman
Yes 0 4 Easy swing tune, intro arranged by Steve Wolf 11/17/13
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